The main questions that we are usually asked

What’s the price for booking a life drawing class or a naked maid/butler or a naked cleaning or ironing service?

The price you pay, which we will convey to you at time of the booking, covers all expenses including travel and costume( if required). We are trying to keep this cost to a minimum so that our quality rated life drawing classes, naked maids and butlers and naked cleaning and ironing service would remain affordable. For more details about our booking process that should serve as a guide, please consult the booking page or just contact us directly and we will answer any queries you might have.

Is touching/ kissing the personnel I booked allowed?

Touching and kissing the staff is by invitation only. Our performers will make it verbally clear whenever those actions are appropriate. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the performance!

Can I choose what area should the naked cleaning service take care of?

Sure! When you are booking our services, please ensure that you are letting us know exactly what you need and require. We will do our best to accommodate every request!

Will the particular individual that I selected as my model/ maid/ butler/ cleaner will attend my event?

We make every effort to ensure that your selected performer will attend your special occasion. However, if this particular individual cannot commit to coming to your event, we will arrange a suitable replacement and we will inform you about this replacement. Only when you will give your consent we will continue the booking process.

Can I request a specific costume that the performer should wear?

Yes, of course. However, the price of the costume might have to be included in the booking fee. We will inform you if that is the case.

How long does a normal booking last for?

Depending on the service that was booked the duration of our normal, standard duration varies. When you are making the booking we are going to provide you with the necessary details. Usually our staff are eager to please every customer so there is a tendency for them to remain for longer. However, please be understanding towards the fact that our performers have more than one event to attend per night/ day, so they cannot stay at your venue for a much longer period of time.

Can I book a service that will last more than the standard allocated time?

Yes, but it will count as extra bookings. However, we offer discounts. Please be in touch with us and we can discuss this in more detail.

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