Naked service

These are the naked services that we are offering:

Our naked professionals are here for you every single day!


Life drawing classes

Our life drawing classes can be booked all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. We'll make sure that you will both learn basic drawing techniques and that you will have more fun than you could have imagined!


Naked maid

Our naked maid service is at your disposal in Ireland and Northern Ireland! You can choose between manifold maids that have a lot of experience in cleaning, ironing and handling house chores!


Naked butler

Coffee'n Cream offers a multitude of naked butlers that are available to come to entertain you and your guests. You can find out more about our range of naked butlers on our dedicated page.


Naked cleaning service

On our page dedicated to our offer of naked cleaning services, you can get more information about why you should choose us when trying to book a naked cleaning service in Ireland and Northern Ireland!


Naked ironing service

If you don't feel like ironing and you would like to see someone naked doing your chore, then by following this link you can book your own naked ironing service wherever in Ireland and Northern Ireland!


Party bus

Another service that we offer in Ireland and Northern Ireland is the party bus. For more details about it, we have a dedicated page for it.

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